Pyramid of Amenemhet III with the remains of Joseph's storehouses, approx 1800BC
Mud bricks like the ones the Israelites made as slaves.
Step pyramid of Djoser, possibly 2600BC.
Burial chamber in the pyramid of Unas, 2300BC.
Carpet school in Saquarah.
Sunset over Giza Pyramids, 2,500BC.
Philae Temple in Aswan.
Abu Simbel, far south of Egypt near Sudan, built by Ramesis II approx. 1,250BC
Temple of Nefertari
Kom Ombo Temple
Edfu Temple
Luxor Temple
Ariel view of Luxor from hot air balloon.
Luxor temple from the air.
Ancient hieroglyphs from inside tombs of the valley of the Kings, original colors dating back as far as 1600BC.
Temple of Hatshepsut, designed by Senenmut (Moses) when he was an Egyptian prince.
Karnak Temple in Luxor.
Statue of Senenmut (Moses) in Egyptian museum
Statue of Thutmose III, the Exodus Pharaoh.
Gold treasures from King Tut's tomb.
Small child mummy with gold.
King Tut's golden chair

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